“Al Sa7a” is an educational game created to address a gap in citizenship education in Lebanon. It was developed in partnership with Dr. Wadiaa Khoury founder of “Teachers as Agents of Social Change” (TASC), the renowned historian Charles Al Hayek, and generously sponsored by HOLDAL group. The game’s final guidebook was gathered and completed by TASC through Dr. Wadiaa Khoury.
The game serves as a braintraining tool to instill nafda’s three core values among players: active citizenship, good governance, and social justice.
The game encourages participants to engage in critical conversations about their roles in society, promoting critical thinking, discourse, teamwork, and problem solving.
The goal is to empower the youth to think critically and speak up about their opinions, fostering a commitment to a more fair and just society through a collaborative gaming experience.

The tool is also being administered in other schools through our partnerships with Beit Al Baraka and Comité d’Aide Scolaire de Zahlé.

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