Between December 13 and 18, 2023, TASC representative Dr. Wadiaa Khoury visited Norway and resided at the IofC center in Sophus, Oslo. Ms. Camilla Nelson organized a very rich program and TASC could have the following encounters:
  • Meeting with the Norwegian Initiative of Change friends over a pre-Christmas dinner, followed by a presentation on TASC. The last time Dr. Khoury was at the center in Norway was in 2009 during a youth program, and in 2010 as part of the “Gandhi Voyage of Trust” led by Professor Rajmohan Gandhi. This program was then one of the inspiration triggers for creating TASC.
  • An online meeting at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) in Drammen, gathering representatives of the three campuses of the University. This meeting was followed by an in-depth meeting with the colleagues in charge of the Masters’ program of teachers’ education at Drammen campus. The possibility of having TASC input within the pre-serive and in-service teacher training is now a possibility..
  • Meeting with Mr. Hermund Haaland at the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo, who organized a gathering with Mr. Dag Inge Ulstein, Member of the Norwegian Parliament, previous Minister of International Development and First Deputy Leader of the Christian Democratic Party. Mr. Ulstein listened carefully to TASC vision and mission which he valued and then gave ideas on possible future support.
  • Hybrid meeting with the European Wergeland Center personnel, as some members joined the physical meeting online from Greece and Easters Europe. The Education on Democracy and Human Rights being a common concern with TASC, the exchange of ideas, of material and of possible cooperation areas was highly promising.