TASC partnership with “nafda” to produce the guide book of “Al-Saha” board game to enhance student and teacher formation on Active Citizenship, Good Governance and Social Justice.
TASC president had created in 2022 a board game under the umbrella of “nafda” (www.nafdalebanon.org), and co-developed it during the school year 2022-2023 with “nafda” team, with the aim of forming the students and teachers of the 20 “nafda” schools network on Active Citizenship, Good Governance and Social Justice (the three nafda values).
In July 2023, TASC signed an MOU with “nafda” in which both entities agreed that TASC develops a detailed Guidebook including the amended questions and answers according to the “nafda” schools’ feedback, and also including detailed principles of evaluation and necessary input to develop critical and virtuous citizens.
The new version of the game and the Guidebook finally saw the light in January 2024, and were first shared with “nafda” schools during the first batch of trainings on Saturday February 3, 2024. The total number of “nafda” schools for 2023-2024 school year is 60 and the vibes are being highly positive during training and during the trial of the new version of the game. Hopefully more school will profit from this educational tool.