On October 31 evening, the coordinators of Social Sciences at the three schools of Antelias diocese gathered for the second time with TASC founder. They went through the first Module of the Trust building process, which is “Teachers as Catalysts of Change”. The Module was given more in a TOT approach as those well-experienced coordinators are willing to lead once a bigger group of teachers in included in the process. Nevertheless, the coordinators had multiple questions and Trust and the obstacles it would encounter. TASC’s role was to provide as many examples as possible about situations of deep division, where the building of the vulnerable bridge of Trust and its maintenance was made possible due to transparent openness of hearts to story sharing and dialogue. “It takes two to make it happen”… while doubts about the intentions of the “others” can only be treated once the “other” is met. Hopefully the step of creating diverse groups and having real dialogues will be made possible soon.