As one of the main recommendations of the Antelias diocese conference in April 2023 was the focus on educations and educators in the process of “purification of memory”, the coordinators of the Social Sciences subject matters of the three big schools of the diocese gathered with the founder of TASC to be introduced to the suggested path of Trust building. The meeting happened in the presence of the bishop of the diocese, Mgr. Antoine Abou Najm, and of the coordinator of education at the three schools, Mgr. Charbel Ghossoub. The meeting resulting in the decision to give the Social Sciences coordinators the full program of Trust building, and then to proceed together into including all Social Sciences teachers as well as other teachers who may feel called to form the core group that would later take-on the continuous trust building in the schools and beyond, once the personnel feels ready to meet with teachers from different background for story-sharing and dialogue.

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